With over 20.000 articles in SUER is one of Germany’s most important wholesale businesses for vehicle parts, aluminium profiles and spare parts for agricultural machines. The company was founded in 1892 by Emil Suer and has remained to be a family business in its fourth generation which is now lead by Peter Suer.

As well as classical commercial trade the company Suer has become a partner which offers a complete service revolving around the building of commercial vehicles. Regardless of it being professional consulting or the implementation of difficult specifications to the production floor, each and every one of our 17.000 customers receives a fitting offer. With modern technology in storage, planning and production we are able to uphold optimal and individual solutions for all requirements. We make the impossible possible.

Since the 28th of November 2003 SUER are verified by the TÜV Kraftfahrt GmbH as being competent in the development, production and sales of underride protections systems for lorries and their trailers along with the collection entailing such systems.