AL-KO Record, a pioneer in the manufacture of shock absorbers in Spain, offers a wide range of shock absorbers and suspension elements, backed by its engineering versatility that provides innovative technical solutions to meet the needs of its customers.This fact has lead AL-KO to carry out – in all its plants – major investments in research and testing facilities, as well as in expansions and refurbishments with the objective of implementing a flexible, efficient and profitable production, also in small series. All this serves to make AL-KO a competent party in developing effective solutions in the field of suspension.
AL-KO has a highly competitive product, a result of a lengthy design rationalization process, the continuous search worldwide for competitive suppliers and the permanent investment in streamlining manufacturing processes, and which today has a high degree of automation without losing flexibility so as to manufacture even small series. Quality, innovation in product and process as well as reliability and sustainability in internal and external customer relations. That is the basis of AL-KO pursuit for sustainable growth and market leadership in their business divisions.

The name of AL-KO Vehicle Technology rightly applies as a synonym for safety on the roads. Whether motorhome, caravan, commercial vehicle or commercial trailer – as a reliable companion, name stands for best possible driving safety and the highest levels of comfort. Not only in the leisure vehicle sector are AL-KO a byword to motorhome and caravan enthusiasts: With well-conceived lightweight chassis, chassis components as well as individual accessories, AL-KO guarantees a safe journey and enjoyment on your travels. With premium solutions in the commercial vehicles and trailers segment, they also ensure the best ergonomics and safety during transport.

AL-KO are one of the leading global axle suppliers in the lightweight weight range. The AL-KO centre of expertise in damping technology is dedicated to the research, design and production of customer-specific solutions in the suspension system sector and coordinates the three production facilities across the globe. It provides shock absorbers for a wide variety of vehicle types, such as lorries, buses and passenger vehicles, as well as far solar modules or for the rail industry. The company is the market leader of pneumatic suspension systems in Europe and has a market share of 50% in the commercial vehicle sector.